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The famous Images d’Epinal are the best references to the history of the town, that have carried its fame worldwide. They are centered on the popular tradition and receive nowadays visitors’ full attention. Especially since the Musée de l’image, which exhibits an outstanding collection of more than 110 000 pictures, is now located next to the well-known print factory the Imagerie.

Where does the expression ‘Image d’Epinal’ come from?

The expression comes from Jean-Charles Pellerin, a printer born in the Vosges, who was the first to mass-produce these types of pictures, formerly sold by hawkers. The topics of these Images d’Epinal were mainly focused on religion, history (the French Revolution, wars, etc…), or could be inspired by successful novels of the time. The Images were aimed at the illiterate public living in the countryside. Nowadays, the expression “Image d’Epinal” has become a synonym for “cliché”.