Enjoy your favourite discipline by performing figures on the slopes of the skate park built for this purpose...

BMX which stands for Bicycle Moto-Cross, is one of the many disciplines offered to cyclists. However, it is an extreme sport both in the physical and spectacular sense. Athletes are named pilots, bicyclers, riders or bmxers. You need to have specific equipment to practice this discipline such as a helmet, gloves and protections. Because falls are an integral part of this sport so it is important to protect yourself properly to limit injuries.

Initially, this discipline was created by children who wanted to practice motocross, but who, lacking the means, could not afford the equipment. The BMX was born because this practice became more and more popular. This sport is still very young. It was integrated into the International Cycling Union in January 1993 and became an Olympic discipline for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Games.

The skate park is not only an asset, but also proof that the Conurbation Committee of Epinal makes every effort to offer a wide range of facilities to do all types of sports activities. The BMX, a real action sport, allows you to participate in competitions at a low cost, close to home. The particularity of the BMX is to practice on a track of 340 to 400 meters, studded with bumps that can be jumped or rolled over by turning the bike on its rear wheel. It is a real spectacular and acrobatic show. It is necessary for the rider to control his two-wheeled steed, to have power, explosiveness and endurance. There is no room for fear of falling or having accidents

To meet the expectations of thrill seekers, the town of Épinal has a skate park to practice this discipline. Located on the outskirts of the town centre, it was built of concrete and has a surface of 1,400 m². It consists of different elements that allow you to practice your discipline in peace. There are inclined and curved planes, but also a part, called Street, with rails, steps, tables for wheeling, as well as flatter parts known as flats.