La Téméraire des Vosges – A Mountain Biking Trail

Come and take part in unforgettable moments and activities around different cycling disciplines...

Every year, the Pays d'Épinal (an association) teams up with the Vôge VTT club to offer day programmes accessible to all. You are invited to participate in unforgettable moments around a sport of universal passion - mountain biking. Experienced mountain bikers, groups of friends and families are invited to be courageous and maintain their shape on forest trails.

An event not to be missed

The trail, La Téméraire des Vosges, gathers more than 1,000 participants every year at all levels. More than 60 volunteers provide organization and logistics support to sustain cyclists with nearly 8 pit stops. This event has been in existence for more than 10 years, generally organized during the third weekend of May and is listed as an event not to be missed for mountain biker riders from the east of France, licensed or not.

A new format for trails has been presented since 2017 - RANDOS D'OR FFC. They are certified hiking trails with routes and circuits ranging from 15 to 80 kilometres. These circular routes are in the heart of the most beautiful forests in the Vosges. This label guarantees that you have access to the most pleasant hiking trails dedicated to mountain biking. Every year 13 Randos d’Or are held throughout France and we are lucky to be part of it.

Courses for all levels

The various hiking trails are accessible to all levels therefore you can go out with family or amateurs. Here, the goal is to enjoy oneself while discovering the landscapes of the different trails in a friendly atmosphere. So, you only need to know how to ride a bike if you want to participate in the activity La Téméraire des Vosges. If you have no bike, rent one at a Bike Point in order to participate however, booking is recommended.

The starting and finishing points of the circuit are in the same village which is very convivial. There are a refreshment bar and an outdoor dining area with entertainment and exhibitors who welcome participants and their supporters throughout the day.

So let’s all get on our bikes and we’ll see you soon on the road !

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