Preparing my hike

To go hiking also means preparing oneself to walk several kilometres. So it is advisable to equip oneself with suitable hiking material...

It is also advisable to take a map with you and to ask, any Tourist Office available to you, for information on the different sites where you can go. This will allow you to enjoy all the different hiking trails in a moment of quietude whether they be off the beaten track or on the marked route.

Plan your itinerary

Freedom must rhyme with safety and it is wisely recommended to prepare one’s itinerary in advance and especially to evaluate the distance and the walking pace. To return at night or be exhausted because of inadequate planning is not the goal. The average walking speed is 4 kilometres per hour including breaks. This pace can be lowered to 3 kilometres per hour when children are in the group or when joints are reminding us that we are no longer 20 years old.


Our advice to less experienced hikers is to equip themselves with a good pair of suitable shoes but also, depending on the distance, not to forget to take with them enough water and snacks. Sometimes some hikers, though experienced, feel like fulfilling their curiosity and continue walking on marked trails and forget to anticipate the distance. Be wise, preparation and prevention is a comfort for all...

Reliefs in the Vosges

The small contour lines on maps are valued indications on the reliefs which of course influence a hiker’s pace. Therefore, it is advisable to take them into account even though the land in the Vosges is made of more gentle and less steep slopes than those in other mountain ranges.

The topographic maps or the applications dedicated to hiking also offer a lot of information about the points of interest such as the hot springs in the forest of Fontenoy-Le-Château which are marked by a blue symbol. Doesn’t it make you want to escape to this wild corner ?

Reading a map consists of collecting the maximum amount of information to go alone or with one’s family and planning an itinerary in all serenity for oneself and one’s loved ones. Moreover, remember that reading a map is already exploring and dreaming about the area.