The not to be missed sites

Trekking around Épinal also means discovering the cultural and historical heritage which makes up the heart of the Vosges.

Épinal and its area offer adventurous experiences as well as historical discoveries of many forts that are inviting for a plunge into history. Located around Uxegney, these forts were built to protect France against its enemies after the war with Prussia in 1870. At the time, Épinal became a garrison town following the annexation of the Alsace and Moselle regions by the Prussians. A defensive line was then set up to protect the boundary under the name of La Route des Crêtes (the Route of the Ridges).

Today, there are still many historical vestiges remaining in our area which you can visit. For example, there are the forts of Uxegney, the Bois L'Abbé and the Grande Haye. Every year enthusiastic volunteers maintain and restore these vestiges with energy and in high spirits, so that you can visit them safely. Several hiking trails lead to these sites, so we invite you to keep a little of your holiday time for a short visit filled with history.

Lovers of history will find what they are looking for while visiting the exceptional site of the fortress in Châtel-sur-Moselle. Go back in time during a visit filled with medieval and adventurous accounts skillfully told by eager narrators.

Near Lake Bouzey, the tourist village of Chaumousey allows its visitors to imagine some of the ruins of an abbey and a few houses that used to be there but vanished after damaging floods. A few steps away, you can be guided towards perfectly preserved traditional farms while walking along forest trails. These unexpected discoveries will be a good time to take photos.

You can walk all around Épinal where fountains and historic caves are loaded with legends and history inviting you to discover them. With the aim of finding them, head for the Fontaine des Trois Soldats (Fountain of the Three Soldiers), the Fontaine Goëry or the Grotte de Notre Dame located in the heart of the forest in Chanteraine

These walks and others will give you the chance to visit medieval vestiges, historical military sites, mossy fountains lost in the depths of the woods, old farmhouses and hamlets out of a picture book. Our county is rich in historical heritages.