Cross North and South of Lorraine and arrive in the Haute-Saône

V50 Voie Verte

Discover the most beautiful views offered by the 73 kilometres of cycle route in our region...

Do you feel like discovering our county over several days in order to roam the 73-kilometre mixed-use trail or simply go cycling to the most interesting places around Épinal?

We suggest you pedal along the 73-kilometre mixed-use trail which runs north to south of the Vosges while passing close to charming villages. From lock to lock, you can enjoy landscapes full of charm and an unusual heritage in just a few pedal strokes. Nature is everywhere, it is in the forest, on the tow paths and on the country trails. Everyone will be pleased whether they are with family, friends or athletics.

The cycle route nicknamed Charles le Téméraire (Charles the Reckless) begins in the small village of Socourt in the north of the county. There you can discover fishing ponds. Your path takes you to Charmes, where you can walk along the small marina along the Moselle River. Feel free to escape and discover the small town nearby. Then, resume your journey towards Vincey, 4.5 kilometres further along. Your path is lined with trees and runs along the quiet countryside and you will come upon some vestiges from the textile industry.

Afterwards, you reach Châtel-sur-Moselle and its fortified walls which are part of a fortress from the Middle Ages which is the backdrop to the small village. You will miss it if you follow the cycle route, but we invite you to treat yourself to this exciting tour ten minutes from the canal. Continue on your ride and you pass through Nomexy and you are surrounded by trees and fields until you arrive in Thaon les Vosges. On site, you can pass close to La Rotonde, a nice place for a picnic break thanks to the park which includes several tables and activities for the young.

Resume your journey to Chavelot and Golbey, where you can choose between two destinations. Choose the canal bridge to go to Épinal, where you arrive at the Port, after having followed the cycle route or go right and head towards Lake Bouzey to continue your discovery of the cycle route. If you choose to go to Lake Bouzey, you pass by the village of Chaumousey which has a Bike House on the shores of lake. Continue your way to Girancourt, where you can discover the Port, followed by the small villages of Uzemain, Charmois l'Orgueilleux and finally Thunimont, famous for its turning bridge which is not to be missed.

The cycle route then leads you to Harsault and Hautmougey before arriving near the spa town of Bains-les-Bains. Your ride ends at the marina of Fontenoy-le-Château, 4 kilometres from Bains-les-Bains. Do not leave without visiting this small town full of charm whose heritage contains many unusual surprises!