Culture & Heritage

Come and discover the rich cultural and patrimonial heritage of Épinal in the heart of the Vosges...

Our county is famous for its beautiful forests, hiking trails, rivers and lakes. It has a heritage full of charm and authenticity including the l’Imagerie d’Epinal which is one our ambassadors known worldwide. From Charmes to Épinal via Châtel-sur-Moselle or Vincey, there are many towns and villages with an unusual heritage full of history.

Culture lovers, do not miss the beautiful BMI (Intercommunal Municipal Library) and its Salle des Boiseries, a room rich in beautiful woodwork. Then go on to see the museum - Musée de l’Image with its original exhibitions. Dreamers or budding scientists can travel through the galaxies when visiting the Planetarium which has the best and therefore most impressive HD video in the world. Fancy seeing a movie, enjoy the comforts of the Cinés Palace before going to relax at the bowling alley or the ice rink.


The remains of the fortress in Châtel-sur-Moselle take you back in time to the Middle Ages and its epic chivalrous. Nearby, on the one hand you can retrace the history of the Great Wars while visiting the forts of Uxegney. On the other hand the beautiful rotunda, known as La Rotonde, in Thaon les Vosges is a privileged witness to the heritage of the textile industry, reminiscent of a more recent past. Young and old find these sites amazing. Go and see them and take photos with a great historical feature in the background so as to preserve a memory of your visit.


The Planetarium in Épinal is unique in France. It allows adults and children to literally have their "heads in the stars" for a journey through the astronomical movements and the universe around us. Over the years the projection techniques have evolved and today we have a fully vaulted HD video of high quality which offers visitors a total immersion in the Cosmos.

L’Imagerie d’Epinal is opened all year round on the site of the Cité de l'Image near the Port of Épinal. It has been running since 1796 and with the museum, Musée de l’Image, they act as the ambassadors for the famous images which has made the town well known for centuries. A visit to the Imagerie d’Epinal, which has the state label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, is a delight while the nearby museum made of glass traces history through exhibitions of exceptional quality.

Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicolas is the patron saint of the Region of Lorraine. He is a symbolic figure of our cultural and popular heritage. Every year, the Saint-Nicolas festival gathers thousands of visitors and inhabitants in Épinal to watch the parade and exceptional fireworks. They can also visit the Saint Nicolas Village in the old town where everyone finds sweet treats and gifts to their taste. There are also parades in most towns and villages in the Region. This holiday marks the beginning of the festivities for the winter holiday season.