Do you feel like leaving terra firma to head to the Universe? We invite you to go and visit the Planetarium in Épinal, which is managed by the association MJC Belle Etoile and is one of the most high-performance planetariums in the world.

Comfortably seated in your cosy tilting chair, you have the opportunity to experience an interstellar journey thanks to the 10-metre diameter hemispheric screen installed in the dome of the Planetarium. Equipped with a real space simulator where a starry sky was recreated, the Planetarium offers a journey through time and space, where young and old can dream and let their imaginations run wild. This experience gives you the opportunity to discover the astronomical movements and the Universe surrounding us.

You will be immersed in a unique experience in Lorraine. Each session, which lasts an hour and a half, includes the screening of a documentary, followed by a fascinating interpretation of the starry sky. The visit ends with an exhibition on the mysteries of the solar system. This will allow you to go on an adventure, in the heart of the universe.

The Planetarium has recently been equipped with a new screening system, entirely controlled by a digital simulator. This technology allows a total immersion in the Cosmos thanks to an exceptional rendering of space which is presented to visitors.  This device has allowed the Planetarium to become the first of its kind: it presents an image with the highest definition in France. It is the third in the world to do that, after the United States and Japan.

A wide range of shows are offered throughout the week, for all ages.

So, why don’t you let yourself be enthralled by a journey in the Galaxy while keeping your feet on Earth? There is no doubt you will leave the Planetarium with stars in your eyes.