Riding on a self-balancing vehicle

Segway PTs ride around Bouzey Lake



A new way to discover the landscape around the lake

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The tone has been set and a good mood is guaranteed

The meeting point was given 10 minutes away from Épinal towards Lake Bouzey. Here we were, at the heart of a green paradise by the waterside where Lionel and Gaëlle were waiting for us with strange two wheeled machines.

Lionel warmly welcomed us and presented the activity. Before riding our vehicle, we were given a few safety instructions to make the most of this unusual ride. Helmets and flat shoes were strongly recommended.

The reliefs of the landscape, which we were going to travel, were explained to us so we could anticipate what was going to happen. We were going to cross forests and paved roads, chippings and sand trails. We couldn' wait to start our ride.

A little bit of balance before starting

The Segway PTs, also named gyropodes, have two wheels, one on each side of a platform, on which the rider stands. No need for fuel since it is electric and uses very little energy. The only skill required is a good sense of balance.

Lionel suggested we test it before taking the road to help us gain confidence in controlling the machine. Our tour could begin. Quickly our sense of childlike wonder awakened as we used this new toy. The change of scenery was guaranteed. An overwhelming feeling of levitation and freedom got into us and we could not avoid staring at the horizon.

Riding on a self-balancing vehicle

The site is outstanding. The lake invites its visitors to contemplate its rich fauna and flora. The banks are equipped for everyone and, on our way, we crossed cyclists, hikers, walkers, families, fishermen, windsurfers to name but a few. This euphoric and delightful digression put me at ease and I allowed myself some bursts of speed. Our unwonted expedition caught people's attention but sadly our tour was soon close to its end. Gaëlle and Lionel pampered us and were also very attentive to our capacities with the vehicles. Time flew by and we finished too quickly. We look forward to doing it again during another season, to observe the colours in the forest surrounding the site.

We returned our futuristic steeds on imagining our next ride. On foot or on two wheels, we promised ourselves, we will return to this unusual and idyllic site.

Practical information

Opening hours: open every day from 8.30 a.m. - 8 p.m. (for Gyrovosges)
Address: Lac de Bouzey, 88390, on the dig in Chamousey
Email: contact@gyrovosges.fr
Telephone: +33 (0)6 12 94 03 14
Price: from €28 per person per hour

Can be appreciated in any season thanks to the changing colours of the ubiquitous forest.

Perfect for a family outing

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