Immerse yourself in the very heart of the Vosges: take a walk in nature, in the forest.

When walking on a bucolic path, you will experience: the magic of a sun’s ray shining through undergrowth, raindrops bouncing from one branch to another, delightful crunching sounds of snow under your feet or bees humming... Breathe, you are in the heart of the Vosges, in the forests of Épinal and its countryside.

Are you looking for beautiful hiking trails to enjoy with your family or your friends?

Come for a walk in Épinal in the Vosges and discover a variety of outstanding walks and hikes in a preserved and natural environment. Everywhere around Épinal, there are forests which are thick, full of many kinds of trees spreading to the boarders of other towns. Some of the paths starting from the city centre and those going through the woods will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The hardest part is to make a choice.

City explorers will walk across Épinal, capital of the Vosges and site of the Cité des Images, surrounded by bosky paths made of deciduous and resinous tress. Épinal was ranked most wooded city in France. The Moselle River and the Canal des Vosges flow through green landscapes and flower beds that are scattered throughout the city. You can go cycling or horse-riding. However, hiking is still the main activity that invites you to discover the banks of the Moselle River, the medieval ramparts or the colourful façades of the houses.

Nature lovers, who exercise the greatest discretion, will get the opportunity to observe wild animals right in the middle of the woods. Deer, does and foxes are watching you, hidden in the middle of fir trees, scots pines, oaks and beech trees where they can enjoy wild flowers and fruits. You can feel the undergrowth, covered with a deep green moss, so soft to touch that it will remind you of your childhood.

The lakes and ponds invite you to have a relaxing experience over a picnic, to taste local foods before getting back on the road. How about resting for one night while going bivouacking in the middle of the forest? Here in Épinal, we have ideas that suit young and old and will allow everyone to recharge their batteries in complete harmony with nature. Smell the sap of fir trees while strolling quietly along a wooded path, crossed by the rays of the sun playing hide and seek with the undergrowth through the branches. This pleasant and wild nature meets serenity, calm and revitalization. Épinal in the Vosges reveals the secrets of its walks through gently rolling hills covering hundreds of kilometres of perfectly marked and regularly maintained trails.

For adventurous families, weekend warriors, meditation enthusiasts or supporters of nature therapy, we also have loads of ideas to make of your walk a memory you want to share. Put on your sneakers or hiking shoes, take some water and a good snack and go on an adventure in unsung landscapes where birds follow you and the whole green palette turns your photos into pictures from fairy-tales.