Bains-les-Bains / La Vôge les Bains and its surroundings

In the southern part of the heart of the Vosges, revitalize yourself in the calm of the forest.

Welcome to a hilly and green region where you will find calm and serenity.

This beautiful, unknown area called La Vôge is mostly composed of large sandstone, medium-sized plateaus with an elevation of 200-400 metres. All the trails start from the station and lead you to a beautiful forest but also ponds and rivers which allow you to take a deep breath in clean air. Just a few steps away from the village, the beautiful thermal park is filled with remarkable trees and facilities made for relaxation such as a large green park, a wild torrent, essential shade, etc.  Contemplate and breathe…

You are not scared of walking a lot? 

If not, you can choose one of the 12 circuits recently marked by local volunteers with the advice of the local walking club – Club Vosgien. A hundred kilometres of marked trails are waiting for you. Thanks to the precise indications of the club, you will never get lost. So enjoy the beautiful and large forest, the bucolic paths in the countryside and the very small roads meandering around the hills. The Canal des Vosges, at the corner of paths, offers cooling places in the shade. Further on, you can contemplate the traditional farmhouse "à Chari". Take time to catch your breath and observe the Coney Valley from the village of Bertramont or the hamlet of La Forêt and further away the plains of the Vosges and the Franche-Comté. Gently gaining height is part of the charm of hiking in La Vôge...

Experienced hikers in the area will confirm: we are very far from the very popular walking trails in certain areas and it is a blessing. As soon as the first kilometre has been done, nature welcomes you and invites you to return to the simple joy of being alive. Alone or with someone, discreet hikers can listen to the birds singing or the river flowing. They can even and often surprise a roe deer or squirrels. The circular circuits of Étang Lallemand, La Manufacture or the Forge Quenot are between 3 and 12 kilometre-long and return to their starting point. Whatever destination and distance you choose, you can have confidence in the markers of the chosen trail. You will be back in time, safe and sound.