Charmes and its surroundings

Take the two hiking trails allowing you to discover the northern part of the Vosges around Charmes.

Welcome to the gentle plains with low elevation in the northern part of the Vosges. Here, you will have the opportunity to practice sports on foot, on horseback or on bike while enjoying the surrounding nature. The bucolic countryside is dotted with flowered orchards in spring, hardwood forests and historical places. You are at the heart of a vast land of heritage.
To discover the north of the Vosges freely, we suggest you go on two exciting tours starting near the town of Charmes. They offer a remarkable view of the horizon known as the Blue Line of the Vosges. These recommended circuits are clearly marked and regularly maintained.  

The circuits

The Circuit des Verriers (the Glass Maker Circuit) invites you to go on a hike over 16 kilometres of trails that are mainly surrounded by forests. It is usually greatly appreciated in the summer heat thanks to the cool, shady paths in the woods. You will be able to revitalize body and spirit while being close to nature. Moreover, if the wind is favourable, you may even see foxes or deer around the corner. The circuit Vignes et Clochers (Vines and Steeples) is another exciting experience which offers a walk along a path under the trees. This hike also offers a panoramic view and reveals step by step magnificent viewpoints over the valley of the Moselle, the hill Colline de Sion and the Massif of the Vosges.

You can find other circuits listed in our hiking brochures or you can contact us: we will be pleased to give you all the information you need. Off-trail walks are also possible in our region, where open woods are plentiful and mushroom pickers are in heaven in the autumn. For fishing lovers or those who appreciate the refreshing proximity of water, the fishing ponds in Socourt are the ideal setting for a picnic. The proximity of the Canal and its banks which can be roamed along for miles on foot or by bike, allows you to combine both a walk and a meal on the edge of the water.

A few steps away, museums and heritage sites invite you to continue on your discovery.