The not to be missed sites

Discover the history of handcraft and local heritage around Charmes by visiting either the Cristallerie of Portieux or the Museum, Musée du Battant.

The plains in the north of the Vosges invite you to contemplate on the exceptional panorama views from the massif to the hilly countryside. It is has an exceptional and unsung historical heritage.

The Ecomuseum - Cristallerie de Portieux is part of an emblematic industry of glass art. It offers a colourful and subtle visit. Further south, the place called Haut du Mont has a monument in commemoration of the Lorraine Region and offers an extraordinary view of the surrounding area. Other interesting visits in the area are the Museum of Military Art in Vincey, the fortress in Châtel-sur-Moselle and the museum - Musée du Battant in Charmes. This area is the right place for experiencing a journey through time from the past to the present. 

Close to the hiking trails, 1001 local heritages sites are waiting to reveal their secrets to you. Go on a journey through orchards of blooming Mirabelle plum trees to discover old farms, old outdoor wash houses, statues or fountains arranged on the most atypical sites like the Commanderie des Templiers in the village of Xugney.