The surrounding area of Épinal

More than 600 kilometres of trails around Épinal have been ranked from easy to more difficult so hikers will find their groove.

Hiking around Épinal can be done on more than 600 kilometres of impeccably marked trails which are regularly checked by patrols. Choose your journey amidst circular routes and itineraries ranked from easy to difficult through varied and original landscapes — undergrowth, artificial lakes, pink sandstone rocks, country roads or city heights etc.

You have access to more than 30 original routes around Épinal on which you can go trekking in complete serenity thanks to the markers which guide you along the trails so you can just enjoy the walk without having your eyes fixed on a map or a GPS.

Vary the pleasures by choosing to have a picnic at the edge of a lake or in a bucolic glade in the middle of the forest one day. The next day, go and discover beautiful panoramas or immerse yourself into a remarkable and diversified nature. Our guide will give you plenty of ideas and will advise you on which best suits you in your search for escapism and breathing.

For a picnic in the middle of the forest, whet your appetite by travelling 20 kilometres along varied landscapes full of charm towards the Big Woods (Walk N°3) or towards the Bouzemont route further to the west.

Our specialist recommends the Avière circuit to soak your feet in the source of a beautiful river running through a hidden valley.
Bouzey which is well equipped for sunbathing. There is supervised beaches or wild ones, sand, lawns and a charming 2-hour looped walk around the lake. It is perfect for families as it has two playgrounds specially designed for children along the way.

For hikers staying in Épinal there are two departures points in the town. One starts beneath a cliff made of pink sandstone. At the bottom there is the entrance into the town. From the cliff top you get a breath taking view of the remains of the castle on the one side and on the other the countryside. The other departure point is at Saint Antoine Valley, very close to the town centre and sinks into the forest leading your steps towards Lake Bouzey. This walk offers a complete change of scenery going through beautiful woods. However, don’t forget to wear suitable shoes and to take a snack because it is an 18-kilometre hike.

Nearer is the Mont Olympe. It is accessible from a beautiful slope which meanders through the forest of the Saint-Antoine Valley offering at the top a dazzling view of the city and the Moselle River. The right moment to take a superb photo and have a picnic at this panoramic viewpoint using the facilities carefully installed at the top.