Equestrian tourism

Get into the saddle in Épinal and its surroundings! In the area, through land and forest, many adventures on horse are waiting for you…

Do you feel like discovering Épinal and its surroundings, but through an original hike? Why don’t you try horse riding?

The pastoral and tree-filled rolling landscapes of the Vosges are perfectly suited for equestrian tourism, with thousands of kilometres of paths that are passable on horse.These routes will allow you to discover the diversity of nature in the Vosges through the countryside paths, the fir tree forests, the rivers and the lakes of our region.To the sound of your new friend’s hoofs, at a walk, trot or gallop, enjoy this moment of freedom and harmony in nature.

Are you looking for an original activity to do during your stay in Épinal, heart of the Vosges? Have a good time with a horse, during an introduction class of one or several hours with a professional that will guarantee your safety.

Horse ride of half an hour or a hack of several days, with a professional or by yourself, you have an abundance of choices that are open to everyone. Discover the country and mountain landscapes at your own pace. Admire the abundance of nature, breathe some fresh air on your pony or your horse.

If you are a more passionate rider, you can go on an adventure with a hack of several days, already planned from A to Z. As a duo with your mount, come to our region and you will experience a complete immersion in the Vosges by sleeping in accommodations designed for riders and their horses!

Equestrian centres on the territory can also offer you to tread the sand of their schools.Introduction classes or classes for the expert riders, the horse instructors transfer their knowledge during sessions that last from one to several hours.Learn how to master the three paces, train your mount, carry out numerous exercises and discover many disciplines.

So get off your high horses and come see us!