Horse Trekking

Do you want to enjoy a total immersion on horse in the Vosges, hiking during the day and, maybe, bivouacking in nature during the night?

For the most adventurous ones and the experienced riders who love equestrian tourism and know the three paces, hiking trails are passable all over the territory. By yourself, with friends or during a trek organised by an equestrian centre, numerous routes can be taken in one or several days. With your own mount or with a horse that the equestrian centre will provide for you, go off and explore the natural and cultural heritage of the city of Épinal and its surroundings.

Thousands of kilometres trekking trails are waiting for you, with promising and varied landscapes. From forests to fields and hills, come and enjoy the numerous itineraries that open themselves to you for a complete change of scene. A trek is a real expedition. After travelling long distances all day, you will have the opportunity to sleep in a new place every night. This is the perfect recipe for a nice moment of friendliness and sharing with other enthusiasts! Seize this opportunity to discover the feeling of freedom, at the pace of your mount!

If you plan on trekking for several days, it is important that you prepare your itinerary in advance and decide on break points in establishments with the Cheval Etape label. To get the label, establishments must :

  • Be organised and pay attention at reception,
  • Have an accommodation for horses, inside or outside, that is suited, safe and clean,
  • Have a care/preparation area and a special unit to store equipment,
  • Give information on the activities offered nearby,
  • Hand out maps of itineraries, available for consultation on site,
  • Have water and hay for the horses.
  • These places are always located near an accommodation for humans (gite, campsite, hotel, bed and breakfast …) and a catering solution, all in a 3-km perimeter around the place of reception of the horses.

Even if trekking rimes with freedom, please remember that you have to abide by some rules during your getaway! Remember that as horserider, you are considered a vehicle and must thus respect the Highway Code on public roads. In the forest, be careful. Even if the majority of paths that are open to pedestrians are to riders too, remember to inquire about the private paths that could be on your itinerary! The fitness circuits, for instance, are forbidden for horseriders.