The key sites and viewpoints

Hike across the Côney valley and discover the numerous streams that run through Vôge-les-Bains...

Follow circuit No. 10 from the Spa in Bain-Les-Bains. Then walk for one and a half hours heading towards “La Basse du Pommier”. There is a site with a pond called “étang Lallemand” which shelters a varied fauna and flora typically found in wetlands. This pond is supplied by a water source located in Les Voivres and it offers a nice setting for picnic lovers or just for a photo shoot moment. It is an ideal setting for families where they can go to observe some small freshwater inhabitants like newts, dragonflies and frogs. Kingfishers and butterflies also give their own show. No wonder this circuit is enjoyed by the youngest hikers. The site is protected under the classification from the “Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels de Lorraine”, a botanical conservatory association.

Walking back by the farm the “Trois Fontaines”, you will appreciate the view of the Coney Valley and its two neighbouring plateaus, La Chapelle-aux-Bois and Gruey-Les-Surance, which are 400 metres above sea level.

A little bit of hiking

Did you choose to hike with your partner? If so, take the trail named "Le Sentier des Amoureux" with its 4 kilometres of romantic landscapes, guided by the nice sound of the local river the Bagnerot, where we suggest you take a well-deserved break. Halfway through your hike, you should be in great form to discover the forest in the Vosges through one of its ambassador: the woods known as Bois du Rédé. Can you smell the fragrance of the sweet fir, spruce and Scots pine trees in the air? The lucky ones come here for the wild strawberries or blueberries. At the end of the woods, the courageous ones can continue their journey on the "Bourguignotte" circuit to observe the fauna while going up to the viewpoint called Belvedere de Bois. There, hikers forget that deer or wild boars are never far away: they are being observed more often than they can imagine! The walk can be extended after the picnic area by joining the Raval circuit. There, in the middle of a beech forest, you will reach the astonishing fountain called Fontaine aux Chèvres, whose inhabitants once said that it would never go dry, even in times of drought. How can you not be charmed by it ?

If you are ready to go hiking for one, two or even three hours on the trails in Vôge-les-Bains, pleasure is never far away.