Events and activities

The Planetarium in Épinal takes part in many national events throughout the year, while also offering original evenings, which the inhabitants in Épinal support with enthusiasm.

The Planetarium in Épinal can be considered as an auditorium in which various spectacles tackling many topics are offered, always of course, related to astronomy. In the dome, you will discover a realistic simulation of the Universe showed on screen. This allows you to go on a 3D-journey from our Solar System to the outer reaches of the Universe.

Throughout the year, there are several periods when you will be invited to discover particular screenings related to special days or bank holidays. If you have the opportunity you should come and immerse yourself in each of them because they trace their own story and have different activities.

From the observation of the sky to a visit of the Solar System, the Planetarium in Épinal invites you on an unforgettable journey all year round.