The event – The Stars’ Night

Every year in the middle of summer, the Planetarium in Épinal takes part in the national event called La Nuit des Etoiles (The Stars’ Night) which is approaching its 30th edition! You are invited to come and learn about the stars during a midsummer evening and enjoy a magical moment. This is a very special meeting between amateurs and enthusiasts who can share their common interest - the discovery of our sky.

No need to bring your equipment, everything you need is provided on site. You only have to marvel at a shooting star passing by in the sky.

The Stars’ Night takes place every year over a weekend in the summer between 8 p.m. and midnight. In 2018 it will be held from 3rd - 5th August. It brings together amateur astronomers and enthusiasts of all ages around activities such as convivial workshops, observations of the sky. All for free!