The Science Fair

Every year in autumn, the fête de la science (science fair) is the meeting place of the scientific community, the public and the schools.

In Épinal, it is based around a science village and a scientific itinerary. It takes place from the 6th to the 14th of October 2019. Several activities and workshops are opened to adults and children.


The village of the little friends of sciences


You will be guided through the houses of the animals that secretly live in the planetarium. Will you help a mother hen who lost her eggs? Grandpa Unicorn wishes he still had his colored mane. The aim is to help them to solve their problems using science. This will be an opportunity to share and learn while having fun, rack your brains and discover.


The guests:

Arnaud COUVAL, policy officer at Natura 2000 will be here to lead a workshop around bats (cycle of life, food, echolocation …)

The ENSTIB will also be represented by two associations: Montgolfiades and Avenir Bois.