In addition to the richness of its heritage, the Conurbation Committee of Epinal is also pleased to offer a variety of cultural activities and in particular it is historical attachment to the 7th art. Its 4 cinemas spread throughout the area will satisfy the desires and awaken the cinema lover in all of us.

Are you looking for an auteur film or do you want to relax watching a French comedy? You will undoubtedly find what suits you among the various films that are on show in our cinemas.

The multiplex Cinés Palace, located in Épinal, will seduce you with its decidedly modern architecture and eclectic programming. Many events are organized such as screening-debates, premieres, etc. The film house – Cinéma de l’Espée in Charmes can take you back to your childhood. It often plays films which were released several years ago but many of us still enjoy the reruns. 

Would you like to attend a screening in an exotic setting? Try the film house - Ciné Vôge where you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the room. It is an inheritance of the golden era of spa treatments in Bains-les-Bains.

Are you aware that the Vosges has been a source of creativity for several directors with its beautiful landscapes and has inspired them to shoot their films or series here? Several castings have also been programmed in the area, in the streets, bars or schools. The public have also been invited to join the list of extras. Thus, some people from the Vosges and Épinal have had the chance to become actors for a day or two alongside celebrities.

So, treat yourself to a cultural break while attending one of these establishments of the 7th art either with family or friends or on the arm of the love of your life. The cinemas are the perfect place to spend a pleasant friendly moment.