In addition to the richness of its heritage, the Conurbation Committee of Epinal is also pleased to offer a variety of high quality cultural activities. Theatre, quality exhibitions, shows, concerts and festivals of renown are offered all year round.The seventh art is not left out since 4 cinemas are spread throughout the area, including an independent facility of 8 cinemas in Epinal.

Art film or comedy, blockbuster or cartoon, you will always be satisfied by the annual programme, even if you are a demanding film-lover. 

At the multiplex Cinés Palace, in Épinal, you will appreciate the modern architecture and the comfortable seats. Outside the annual programme, many events are organized such as screening-debates, premieres, themed evenings or exhibitions… The film house – Cinéma de l’Espée in Charmes can take you back to your childhood by playing films – past successes – which were released several years ago but which many of us still enjoy to watch. 

Would you like to attend a screening in an original and charming setting? Try the film house - Ciné Vôge, where you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the room. It is an inheritance of the golden era of spa treatments in Bains-les-Bains.

The Vosges are also an important source of creativity with their varied landscapes and their key touristic sites. These areas actually inspired many directors to shoot their successful films or series here. Several castings have also been programmed in the area, in the streets, bars or schools. The public have also been invited to join the list of extras. Thus, some people from the Vosges and Épinal had the chance to become actors for a day or two alongside celebrities.