Passionate about history or eager for adventure and discovery?

If you are passionate about history or eager for adventure and discovery, visit the village of Châtel-sur-Moselle. Once there, you will be facing an edifice representative of fortresses from the Middle Ages.

Considered as one of the largest fortresses in Europe, the fortress in Châtel-sur-Moselle has nearly 6 hectares of archaeological remains with 22 towers. It is protected by a 1.5-kilometre enclosure. It has been classified as a Place of Historic Interest since 1988 thanks to the work of the Association Vieux-Châtel. Owned by the Conurbation Committee of Épinal, the fortress is the only one of its kind in the Grand-Est Region. You can imagine pages of our history as you browse along its walls and through its underground galleries.

The village of Châtel-sur-Moselle had a strategic role throughout history: it controlled the passage over the Moselle River which was the crossroad of three Roman routes and the Route de Bourgogne. Therefore, the village of Châtel-sur-Moselle played a strategic role throughout history until 1944. A tour is highly recommended to discover this incredible historical era.

Come and venture into the underground galleries of this perfectly rehabilitated site and experience a rich and complex history during a tour. Walk the corridors and steep stairs of the old towers. Remember your dreams as a child to become a knight or a dame during this break with reality. Your guide will immerse you in this chivalrous world thanks to their informed narration about this distant time which has been revealed and preserved by passionate professionals and volunteers.

Things to do in and around Châtel-sur-Moselle

The eco-museum - Cristallerie de Portieux, is one of the unsuspected riches in the area. It is located near Châtel-sur-Moselle, just a ten-minute drive from the fortress in the village of Portieux. If you are passionate about military history, head to the museum – Musée d’Art Militaire in Vincey (approximately 5 minutes by car) which will deepen your knowledge of military heritage.

Take the time to admire the many panorama views of the gentle surrounding countryside. Stroll along the Canal des Vosges or along a rural path at the edge of apple or Mirabelle plum orchards.