The film house Cinéma de l’Espée

Welcome to the complex l'Espée located in Charmes in the Vosges. Consisting of several rooms where plays, concerts, conferences, as well as unusual films sessions, are held throughout the year.

The film house Cinéma de l’Espée has the particularity of screening only one session per month. Here we do not come to attend a screening as in other cinemas, but to a watch film that has marked the spirit of its screen writer, cast or for its originality.  The films broadcasted are rigorously chosen by a team of volunteers and town councillors who are the main pillars of this structure which has been active since October 2017.

The entry fees for the sessions are more interesting than in a traditional cinema. You only need to pay the modest sum of €4 per adult and €2 euros for children under twelve years.

Access and informaton

The film house Cinéma de l’Espée is located at 5 place de l'Espée in Charmes. To get there by car, take the dual carriage from Épinal (RN57). Exit at Vincey, then take the D33 followed by the D157 towards Charmes. The room is located on the Place de l'Eglise, in the town centre. You can park your car in the adjoining car park.


If you wish to obtain more information about the screenings or about the projection room in the complex Espée, please contact the Town Hall in Charmes on +33 (0)3 29 39 85.85, or the Tourist Office in Charmes on +33(0)3 29 66 01 86.


Information on the monthly projection is available on the website of the town of Charmes by following this link.