Museum of Ancient and Contemporary Art

Enter the vast glass vessel on the Moselle island and contemplate its works of art.

You will dream in the Gallo-Roman pantheon full of hybrid creatures; you will gaze at the classical landscapes and guess when the painter captured the light; you will be intrigued by the contemporary works.

For the 25th birthday of its renovation, the regional museum created a new permanent exhibition for its collections “Beaux-Arts” (fine arts).

This large-scale intervention deeply changes the visit. It allows the visitors to admire nearly 200 works, with a progression from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. The surface is now 900 , i.e. twice the size of the surface since the museum reopened in 1992.

This new presentation underlines the tremendous richness of the fine arts collection, from its paintings, to its sculptures or even its craft objects. The works of major artists like Rembrandt, de La Tour, van Goyen, Pannini, Claude Gellée, Furini, Vlaminck, etc. are shown.

Finally, more than 110 works are now brought to light for the public after being hidden in storage for years due to important restorations. These will be nice surprises, even for the regulars.

New devices have been put in place to allow each visitor to understand and seize the works better (digital terminals, sound and light …).

Supervised guided tours are available for groups on reservation. Audio guides are also available (French, English and German) to guide you through the discovery of the museum.