Hike in the moutains

Hike and escape to discover the most beautiful panorama views of the Vosges.

With or without walking sticks, go on a hike, escape and discover the most beautiful panorama views of the Vosges. The Tourist Offices in the towns of Gérardmer and La Bresse will show you the key walks among the numerous ones available.

You will cross picturesque villages, fir forests, sandy paths, sometimes stony and uneven paths that lead you to the impressive views of the massif. At the end of a path in the undergrowth, you can relax at the edge of a waterfall that flows all year round or reach sites with exceptional views. Why don't you enjoy a picnic at the edge of a lake in the middle of the mountains? Or experience a delicious typical meal in a farm inn in the Hautes-Vosges? If you have time for a nap, the fir trees that surround you will make you benefit from their much needed freshness. And the many mountain lakes will invite you for a refreshing swim.

A mountain chalet

Take this opportunity to rent a chalet in the mountains for one or several nights, in order to recharge your batteries while being close to nature. Enjoy the different landscapes that the Vosges have to offer. After a nice walk, you will be the privileged spectator of a sumptuous sunset on the mountains, valleys and ridges.

Hikes for everyone

The Massif des Vosges is the dream destination for demanding hikers and walkers of all levels. On your own or in groups, with family or friends, you can choose what suits you best and customise your trip according to your interests. You can live your craziest dream or simply go for a walk. Trails are regularly checked and marked. The few obstacles are bypassed or perfectly safe. Young and old walkers can climb and walk down the paths and grassy slopes without too much effort. Appropriate hiking equipment is still necessary: take walking shoes, wear a hat in the summer and always prepare warm clothing, in case of a change in temperature.

Fauna and flora

The Massif des Vosges offers an untouched nature, from northern peat bogs to an original wildlife with lynxes, chamois and grouses, deep coniferous forests... Not to mention its inhabitants, generous and welcoming by nature and the famous Vosges cow, emblematic animal of the massif.