Deer’s slab

Observe the deer, this majestic animal in its natural environment.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable memory by going on an adventure during a nocturnal hike and discover the deer's slab. It is at this time of the day that you can experience the love parade that has made deer famous. We can hear the remarkable slab at the edge of the forest or a clearing. This powerful and moving call echoes throughout the forest – it is a suspended moment. Love calls can be heard from mid-September to early October. It will take place earlier if the autumn is hot, later if it is cold. We invite you to go on an adventure with a guide for a nocturnal hike, to live this precious moment in the forest.

The deer’s night out

This period is important for the reproduction of the species. From dusk to dawn, you must be discreet when you go out if you wish to come upon this particular animal and its echo in the forest. Then, in the mist, you can witness in amazement this unique and ephemeral spectacle, an autumnal gift in nature in the Vosges.

Calmness is necessary for this visit and you should remain discreet and be led by an enthuastic guide. The animals should not be disturbed as the mating season makes them vulnerable. Sometimes, they are competing for the same doe. If so, you will then enjoy the exceptional dance of their antlers, which collide in a powerful and spectacular fight. Around this time, it is not uncommon to see deer with clumps of grass hanging from the antlers. The excitement makes them plough the grass by giving it great blow with their antlers.

The Visit

A nocturnal hike takes about two to three hours depending on where the deer are. It is normally about a 5-kilemetre hike through the forest before arriving at the site. We recommend that you bring a flashlight or headlamp, walking shoes and dark clothes to remain discreet. (Avoid waterproof synthetic garments which emit a sound of friction at the slightest movement).

The visit is done in small groups and starts around 8.00 p.m. At the end of the hike you will return to your starting point a little before midnight. After receiving some instructions from the guides you head off. It is rare that the deer are not seen. However, the love dance is not an exact science and the show is not guaranteed. This unforgettable experience, introduced by a nocturnal hike in the forest, will delight nature lovers.