Choose the right itinerary

Plan your hike ahead with a map so that it suits your physical abilities without being too tiring...

Getting ready

Before leaving, it is advisable to take your physical strenght and how you feel into account, in order to properly adapt the length and difficulty of the hike to your abilities. Our walks do not have a high altitude level but sometimes, it is spreading over more than 10 kilometres. Be ready and don't overestimate yourself.

You should pinpoint your starting point and itinerary on the map, which you can complete with an IGN map that highlights all the paths or with an app that programs your circuit. You can download all our routes on our website.

If you go hiking with children, you should choose walks with facilities for picnics and points of interest for them. Our guide can give you some ideas such as swimming spots, rocks, etc.

Choosing your itinerary also means that sometimes, you need to know how to adapt to a variety of elements such as weather conditions. During a heat wave for instance, it is better to change one’s plan and choose a hike in the forest where cool shaded spots are not lacking. However, in case of unexpected thunderstorm or fatigue you should switch to your plan B: visiting a nearby heritage site could be a good alternative.

Information Points

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from one of our many holiday host advisors, who are ready to welcome you in all our Tourist Offices in the area: they can provide you with the information you need. They know everything you want to know about the region, whether it is on history or natural sites, easy or more diffucult hiking trails. They can answer your wishes and will offer you THE ideal trail according to your interests, your physical ability and even according to the season. Did you know that the place called Parapluie is a good area for mushroom picking? Please, do not share that with anyone! Mushroom spots are like wild strawberry or blackberry spots: they can be shared and whispered around but only to people you know will not repeat your secret!

Same thing for wild blueberries which are called “Brimbelles” in the region. Those can be picked in the summer season and may be found here and there in small hiding places, for example not far from the Fontaine des 3 Soldats. But "Hush", you didn't hear it form us!