Temperatures can vary from 30 to 12 degrees Celsius in the Vosges. So you should think of wearing the right outfit and prepare a change of clothes...

Temperature variations

You may be thinking that there is nothing to fear about the temperature changes in the north east of France, but think again! Our region can sometimes experience great thermal ranges forcing people to be careful and organized when going for an outdoor adventure. Indeed, our thermometers here can go up to 30 °Celsius during the day but also fall down to 12 °Celsius at night in the summer. In winter, it can remain on negative temperatures for several days in a row. However, do not panic. This beautiful cold and dry weather comes from an anticyclone often focused on Germany. It allows us to take advantage of beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter, whose light is delightful.

Winter is also a time for putting on hiking shoes or ski boots to discover nature in the Vosges when it is covered with snow. Fir trees coated with powder snow offer you a change of scenery and a childhood-tinted holiday.

Getting information the day before

The weather is your ally to plan the necessary equipment before you go on an adventure. Ideally, you should check the weather, via a reliable site, the day before your hike. The site should give you details on the weather forecast for the day hour by hour. This will allow you to decide when to leave and what clothes to wear. You will be able to decide which hours of a day are more suitable for a walk depending on the season and the place you wish to walk around. In the summer, it would be better to opt for morning or evening walks, unless you plan on going into woods where the shade of the trees can protect you from the sun. During in-between seasons, all hiking routes can be conceivable thanks to the temperate weather. However, weather conditions in winter do not always allow hikers to adventure into the forests. Therefore, it is more appropriate to walk on little used roads or on the cycling route that runs along the Canal des Vosges.

Whether it is raining, windy, nice or warm, you will always find an opportunity to hike in our area because the forest around Épinal are also full of charm even in the rain. So, when would you prefer to come and explore our trails?