“A picture is worth a thousand words” Confucius

At the heart of the Musée de l'Image


Annaëlle & Fred

"Recount history in pictures"

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The Eden of popular images

In Epinal for a weekend, we were tempted by the idea of the stay "Journey to the heart of beautiful images". We visited the Musée de l’Image, which reflects the city of Epinal well. 

We enter in the heart of one of the world's largest collections of ancient images, which is in a contemporary building with glass facades. The entrance hall foreshadows a fascinating discovery.

At the reception desk, someone give us all the necessary information and brochures for the tour. Good to know: a collection of more than 110,000 images awaits us! One of the most important collections of popular images in Europe printed since the 18th century. We quickly understand that the place we are in is steeped in history.

Meeting between ancient images and contemporary works

We start our tour with the permanent exhibition of the museum. The images appear, the style of the museum takes shape. The collections of proposed images are associated with more contemporary works. It is true that when looking at an image, we understand that our personal interpretation may change as we then compare it to a contemporary work. The museum's objective of confronting the images with other works allows us to see the work from another angle, which we would not necessarily have thought of. An original concept!

We are impressed by the number of works of art suggested for this useful comparison. Between literary works, paintings and photographs, there really is something for everyone. What's more, these thousands of images take us back in time.

The temporary exhibition: Wolf! Who are you?

Make way for the temporary exhibition. In the hall on our right, large and refined images on a white background inform us about the subject of the temporary exhibition. For us, it will be the exhibition "Wolf! Who are you?". We are entering the world of wolves and we discover how humans have perceived them over the centuries. The path we follow recounts this animal’s history. The further we go, the more we are aware that the way this animal is seen changes as time passes. During our visit, we are pleasantly surprised to find some available workshops on the topic of this exhibition for children. A playful visit for some, a cultural one for others. It is a really special place if you want to spend a pleasant and original time with your family.

Once the tour is over, you can carry on with your discovery just behind the Musée de l'Image, with a visit to the Imagerie factory.


Opening times: From September 1st to June 30th

Daily 9:30am - 12pm / 2pm - 6pm (closed on Monday morning)

Friday 9:30 am - 6 pm

Sunday and holidays 10am - 12pm / 2pm - 6pm

Exceptional closure on December 25th and January 1st.

From July 1st to August 31st

Every day 10am - 6pm continuously (closed on Monday morning until 2pm)

Souvenir shop within the museum.

For young and old alike

Trace the history of the images

Enjoy a stay in the Cité des Images