Exhibitions and Urban Art

Discover Épinal’s tradition and imaginative skills through its exhibitions.


During the weekend of the festival – Fête des Images, you can find many exhibitions in the streets including the walk – Chemin des Images. It is an art trail set up for the occasion which exhibits 15 contemporary works from the museum - Musée de l’Image in a revisited way. You will also have free access to the museum throughout the weekend in order to discover the popular prints that are presented.

Wooden furniture is also installed, which represents the old projection shows, in order to enhance Épinal's tradition of popular prints, as well as its skills.

Urban Art

Created on the WALL of Épinal, this action aims at promoting contemporary and Urban Art by offering street artist the opportunity to have access to a space of expression on which they can create an unprecedented production. Urban Art, which mixes graffiti and tags with Street Art, has developed over the last few years and is very popular with the public. About every two months, a new artist comes to “tag” the wall in order to offer a perpetual visual change for everyone.

The objective of the association - MUR (WALL) is ultimately to create a space of expression for artists who are engaged in raising awareness by presenting this form of art in a different way so that it is no longer used for the deterioration of buildings. This makes the WALL artistic and cultural at the same time.