The festival - La Fête des Images

Every year, you can discover many activities and exhibitions around the prints made in Épinal.

This is a cultural and heritage festival held in Épinal. It has been organised since 2016. The Town Hall created this event to celebrate the town’s printing heritage which consists of an art school, the museum – Musée de l’Image, the Pôle de l’Image complex and the printing workshop - Imagerie. It takes place every year over a weekend during the month of June.

This popular festival in the region takes place from a Thursday to Saturday in June. There is a program which follows a chosen theme. On site, you will discover many activities such as Urban Art and a Video Mapping Contest. There are also workshops for the young and temporary exhibitions at the museum – Musée de l’Image, which is opened for the occasion. In the evening there is an amazing sound and light show which videos are projected on the architectural façades of the Place des Vosge, in the heart of the town.

The videos projected during this show are the works of artists honoured on the walk - Chemin des Images. The winner of the Video Mapping Contest sees their short video projected too. This screening will be followed by a friendly ball.

This festival is suitable and opened to everyone throughout the afternoon and evening. It is free. Its main objective is to share all the traditions and the printing skills that are in the town of Épinal and its surrounding area. 

Every year there are novelties, for example in 2018:  

  • A projection on the site of the quarry – carrière Collot, which was turned into an amphitheatre during the festival - Fête des Images. The pink sandstone walls which are 35 metres high became a temporary digital projection screen. This was used to display many videos;

  • The creation of a virtual reality at Place Pinau by Supermouche Productions (a company based in the Pôle de l’Image complex in Épinal since 2011), which represented, through virtual reality masks, the place as a painting painted by Jacques Villeglé, who was an exceptional guest of honour this year.

All these activities took place over 3 consecutive days following a program, starting on Thursday and finishing on Saturday evening.