The Pôle de l’Image complex

Discover innovative companies working on the different themes of digital images.

The Conurbation Committee of Épinal has created a digital image complex based at the Maison Romaine to promote an essential asset for the economic and cultural development of Épinal: digital images. It has enabled business groups working in this field to come to the area to develop their business.

The Pôle de l’Image complex helps promoting new economic activities by bringing together companies of the sector on the same site. Since 2010, private companies have had the opportunity to join the complex if they work is around the production, creation, conservation or education of digital images.

The purpose of this complex is to share resources and information as well as to offer training courses in this field or to help with visual and cinematographic productions. 

Today, it brings together 6 successful companies:

  • "Xilopix – Qwant" was created in 2008 in Paris and moved to the complex in 2011. It is an image search engine that can be found on internet and it is also an image recognition software. In 2017, Xilopix was taken over by Qwant and has kept the same activities.
  • "EvEACom" is a street furniture and advertising display company which had led digital panels among its products. It enables the release of animated and static information and advertisements in colour.
  • "Cinestic" is an ensemble of images and digital technologies. This company aims at developping innovative projects and promoting the creation of companies by working on their competitiveness and attractiveness at national and international levels.
  • "Supermouche Productions" is a company that was created in 2001 and came to the complex in 2010. It helps producing short films and music videos, as well as documentaries, programmes and shows for our national channels. Since this company came to the complex, its surface area and staff have doubled.
  • "Canopé" is a training and educational documentation operator for the Academy Nancy-Metz and the Department of National Education. This company aims at developping an education space dedicated to digital images and cinema

  • "Image’Est" is a company commissioned by the County Council. It aims at promoting, supporting and developping the structuring of cinematography and audio-visual.

The Pôle de l’Image complex which has already seen a growth in its development, intends to welcome new companies in the sector of digital imaging to its structure.