What to see and do around the printing workshop – Imagerie

Discover the surroundings of the Cité de l'Image complex

Would you like to discover the town of Épinal and learn more about its history and places to visit? We offer you a list of different sites that will perhaps enhance your visit and live up to your expectations.

The Bike House in Épinal

Located in the port of the town, near the 73-kilometre multi-use trail which borders the Canal des Vosges, the Bike House in Épinal offers a wide range of bikes for hire all year round. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike, road bike or an electric one they will have the one for you. This is the ideal way to discover the county of the Vosges as well as its various landscapes, whether with family or friends.

The Port of Épinal

Discover the Port of Épinal, which is located between the Moselle River and the Canal des Vosges, about 5-minute walk from the town centre. Throughout the year, it welcomes many boats and barges, thanks to its 32 mooring points all equipped with a water point and electricity.

Set in a leisure park, it includes several playgrounds for children, as well as a 73-kilometre multi-use trail along the banks of the Canal des Vosges. It can also receive motorhomes all year long, thanks to its 5 places which are each equipped with a water point and electricity limited to 48 hours.

Next to the harbour is the restaurant – the Capitainerie where you can go if you want to rent electric boats. You will also find the Bike House which will inform you about rentals and rides that can be done on 2 wheels.

The museum – Musée de l’Image

Discover the museum - Musée de l'Image, home to one of the most important print collections, produced on site at the printing workshop – Imagerie d’Épinal and distributed in France and abroad. You will have the opportunity to discover a collection that includes more than 110,000 prints, whether old or contemporary, as well as many works, such as paintings, photographs, literary, theatrical and musical works.

Throughout the year, you can discover inventive and varied exhibitions as the museum has become a reference point in the town of Épinal. Every 6 months, the prints in exhibitions are changed in order to preserve them. Thus, if you go there several times you will have the opportunity to discover new works.