The shop of the printing workshop – Imagerie

A wide range of prints and products await you, from the original to the new ones.

Whether you are passing through or staying in Épinal, do not hesitate to go to the shop in the printing workshop – Imagerie which offers items for sale in a beautiful space of 300 square metres.

On site, you have the opportunity to discover many original prints from the printing workshop – Imagerie d’Épinal, wall decorations, cards and stationery and also a range of related objects. All these products have prints on them which are connected to original collections.

Should you be unable to visit us, why not shop on-line? The on-line store is accessible through the following website It offers you the same collection of objects that are available in the shop.

Treat yourself with an object from this unique collection produced in the town of Épinal.


The Prints

The shop in the printing workshop – Imagerie offers a wide range of prints for sale. They have all been made on site and a certificate of authenticity is delivered with each.

Here are the different types of prints that are sold :

  • Prints : discover the old collection of prints in black and white. There are also special prints inspired by a certain year of production, and finally, brightly coloured stencilled prints. Leave with the print in a beautiful frame allowing you to make the most of your acquisition as soon as you get back home. The website also offers this service and you can be delivered to your chosen address with the frame of your choice.
  • Posters, mostly animals and insects, but also the forests in the Vosges and towns in France, such as Paris.

All these different prints are sorted by collection and available for sale.

Derived products

Also available are derived products from the collection, that is to say, prints that have been reproduced or transcribed on various objects.

In the category of derivatives you can find :

  • Wall decorations, such as the so-called "panoramic" decorations which cover entire walls. There are also paintings and frames.
  • Stationery, offering construction games, riddles for young and old, notepads, card games, calendars, as well as diaries and notebooks, etc. Many postcards are also on sale, as well as various books for adults and children which concern the history of the Region.
  • You can also find various items, such as placemats, candles, canvas bags, bottle openers and mugs. As well as paperweights, pocket mirrors, umbrellas, key rings, etc.