Mountain biking

Combine the pleasure of cycling and recharging your batteries in the middle of nature with our marked trails dedicated to mountain biking.

Going mountain biking is possible for everyone, as long as you like cycling in nature. This discipline combines the pleasure of riding and recovering in the heart of nature. Being able to practice a sport in a preserved natural environment is a privilege and the landscape surrounding Épinal can offer you this, just 5 minutes from the city centre. There are numerous circuits to choose from, which allow you to cross the forest trails and countryside.

You will be able to cycle along La Nivallée (n ° 83) in Chavelot, which is 5.8 kilometres long, or take Gueu du Saut in Xertigny, which is 21.9 kilometres long and has 300 meters of elevation gain. For the more courageous ones, why don't you try the Circuit des Forts? It is a 98-kilometre circuit that has 933 metres of elevation gain. These are some of the possibilities among hundreds of marked trails to roam through the varied landscapes of Épinal and its surroundings.

Escaping for a mountain bike outing means getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city: once you are in the forest, this recreation ground is open to those who enjoy clean air. It is then easy to cycle for many kilometres through marked trails and crisscross a variety of different landscapes. Their diversity extends to country lanes that allow you to see our famous local cows and to cross a small stream cutting a clearing in the middle of the wide spread fir trees, until you see a brook at the bend around a country house that smells like hot bread.

Pedalling on a mountain bike is an adventurous journey that will allow you to meet the fauna and flora since the circuits often pass by unexpected undergrowth which shelters some pretty secrets. Becoming one with this environment during your excursion makes it possible to take a break with the urban world during. Mountain bike riding makes you feel like you can go beyond your limits, surpass your efforts and go over your own challenges.

Cycle clubs specialised in mountain biking can help you improve your techniques to overcome the natural obstacles that you might come across.

Riding up between the trees, riding down a stream, carrying your bike, crossing the roots and rolling in the sand or the leaves of an autumnal landscape... There is nothing you can't do when you follow expert advice, you just have to learn the right skills.

If we managed to persuade you to discover mountain biking, do not hesitate to consult our 112 marked trails or to get in touch with one of the many clubs that value this discipline. You can also go on an adventure with a map or GPS router. Accessible to all, mountain biking is the essential activity during a visit in our area. If you have not taken your equipment, our many partners are available to discuss and meet your requirements. Les Maisons du Vélo (The Bike Houses) are equipped to provide you with equipment to rent for a day or a weekend.