Our circuits

Circuits were prepared to allow you to practice your favourite discipline.

Whether you are a heritage entusiast or you are just looking for the thrill of escaping in nature, you will find satisfaction on our circuits. No matter what your level in cycling is, we have trails for mountain bikers, cyclists or road cyclists. With our trails from 35 to 150 kilometres and an elevation gain of 35 to 2,050 metres, there is something for everyone. Mountain bike enthusiasts can practice on 112 marked trails which have been approved by the French Federation of Cycling. In total, there are 1,400 kilometres of trails for the beginners and more experienced cyclists.

For beginners

For those who love peaceful surroundings, there is a mixed-use trail called the Véloroute Voie Bleue which is 73-kilometre long on the Vosges side of the Canal des Vosges. It is part of the well-known Charles le Téméraire (Charles the Reckless) European route which has a side road that goes into the heart of Épinal. For the cycling enthusiasts, the Tourist Office collaborated with Épinal’s cycling clubs to identify 13 circulars routes along the road which are in good condition and in a calm and less frequented environment.

For experienced cyclists

For the more adventurous ones, a downhill mountain bike track as well as a free ride track have been designed to underline the City Hall's commitment to cycling. These provide varied opportunities for mountain bike riders. The 650-metre trail is in the middle of the forest, in collaboration with the Forest Service.

Freeride lovers

In terms of freeriding, several modules have been adapted and installed so that enthusiats can practice their passion safely. It is located in the Quarante Semaine in Épinal. BMX lovers can exercise their discipline in the north of Golbey, on the outskirts of Épinal. There, they will find two great BMX tracks which have been equipped with PROSTAR for the pros. 

The skate park

The skate park is just outside the city centre. It was built entirely of concrete on a 1,400 m² surface and made up of different elements such as inclined planes and curves. There is also a street part with rails, steps, ledges but also a wheeling table, an inclined curb and a flat part. So before hopping on your bike, don’t forget to check your equipment. Choose a course that suits your physical abilities. If you drive on the road, be careful and mind the motorists. Always respect the Highway Code to ride safely.

Escape in nature

Enjoy the generosity of Mother Nature on the many paths and forest trails. Observe the abundance of its plant life and rejoice in its preserved wealth of flowers, fruits and mushrooms. The forests of the Vosges will surprise many people. As you are riding at your own pace, be aware of the efforts you are making, look at the undergrowth and observe the local fauna. In the heart of these quiet spaces, you will get to see deer, squirrels and foxes - provided that you remain discreet. Do not underestimate the mischievousness of these inhabitants, which will not hesitate to surprise you with their presence at the bend in a brook or in a field of ferns. The wild animals will be grateful if you respect their environment.

Many of our recommended routes are only 5 minutes from the city centre. You are a short ride from an escape into the middle of a country and bucolic scenery. As you ride on certain tracks you will cross properties and cycle through areas of historical interest. It is also likely that you will have some unexpected meetings with the rare agricultural or forestry machinery. No need to play hide and seek: just make sure you have seen: there is room for everyone in this wonderful setting.

« Come on then, get on your bike and discover our beautiful region! »