From Charmes to Épinal

The trip goes on, it is now time to leave the town of Charmes and head to the so-called “Cité des Images”, Épinal. Along the Canal des Vosges, there are no less than 27 kilometres of cycle trail waiting for you. This route offers you the chance to discover old buildings embodying the Vosges’s history of the textile industry. The cycle trail takes you straight to the gates of the city of Épinal.

This itinerary ends at the port of Épinal. You can keep going towards Bains-les-Bains, known for its spas, or you can visit the famous Cité des Images, Épinal.

Numerous cycle reception points are available in the centre of the city. Just a short walk away from the port and in the Musée de l’Image and the Imagerie d’Épinal, emblems of the city, you will discover the history of the city through a craft passed down over generations and focused around one of the largest collections of popular images in Europe.

As you get your bike back, you can also enter the heart of the city to taste local foods, discover our heritage and buy handmade products.