Les Vosges, and its trail ground

Run over the hills of the Vosges and measure your capacities.

What is a trail ?

First of all, what is this famous trail? In short, it is a run that takes place in the middle of nature and it is becoming very popular. It can take place on many type of grounds such as mountains, forests, paths, rocks, scree, grass, mud, etc. As you become more experienced and fitter, the distance can increase and you can attack more difficult terrains. The idea behind the trail challenges it that the individuals surpass themselves by improving their performance while at the same time learning to manage their pace and energy. Trail runners seek the pleasure of physical activity while enjoying the scenery and nature. Friendliness and mutual help are also part of this sport.

The Vosges is the ideal terrain for trail lovers whether they are champions or amateurs, young or old. Here, everyone finds a suitable environment to have a fun training session in beautiful landscapes. Races are organized several times a year. The Vosges, and especially Hautes-Vosges, have hilly or mountainous landscapes ideal for the practice of this sport.

You can train on marked trails which are well maintained. Why not go on an adventure in the mountains with a guide specialized in trails who will accompany you throughout. Many courses exist around Gérardmer and La Bresse, but also on the Ballon des Vosges and Alsace. Races and training courses are made available near these tourist sites.

This sport has become very popular in recent years. There are 2,300 races a year in France catering for all levels. Experienced sportsmen or beginners will always find a circuit that suits them in the Vosges between our forests and spectacular thatched roofed houses.