Preparing your bag

You should prepare everything that could be useful before going on an adventure whether it is snacks or a first-aid kit.

Indispensable equipment

Good hikers never leave without a minimum of equipment even if they do not always need it. It is better to be all set so as to avoid any cravings or catch a cold. So, you should prepare a small backpack with the essentials such as water, energy bars, dried fruit, a windbreaker, a small sweater, etc. Even a knife could be useful to share one’s snack.

Walking clubs also recommend hikers to carry first-aid kits with compress, dressings and an antiseptic spray as basics, in case of slight injuries like scratch or blister. Forewarned is forearmed! 


Concerning the weather, you should always check the weather forecast and consequently equip yourself accordingly. It is advisable to keep in mind that sudden changes of weather are possible and be prepared for a small shower. The high risk weather conditions are thunder storms and strong winds especially in the forests.


Trekking poles prove to be very valuable. They assist walkers with their rhythm and provide stability on rough terrain.


If it is hot, you should put on a sun hat and sun cream to protect yourself. Do not forget to apply the sun cream every 2 hours. Cover the children's heads. Moreover, though it might be obvious, closed walking shoes remain the safest to protect the ankles in case of slips but also the feet in case of the presence of unwelcomed insects.

In the winter, you should dress yourself with suitable equipment for the season. Our landscapes can be real little corners of paradise covered with a white coat. You should wear ski pants too and maybe there will be enough snow on the ground to go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing etc.


If you leave alone (people keen on solo trekking will probably recognize themselves here), you should be wise and let someone know where you intend to go and your approximate time of return. It can be someone you know, the owner of a campsite or lodgings, an hotelier or even the staff at a Tourist Office. It is a wise precaution because the mobile phone which you should take with you has its limits.

Carefully preparing your hike will allow you to leave in complete serenity and to enjoy the best of our beautiful landscapes and discover the secrets of the beautiful forests.