Spa Resort and Wellness Services

A gentle medical practice based on mineral or thermal water, spas have benefits for the body and health.

This gentle medical practice using rich mineral water or thermal water is on the rise! Each resort offers various treatments making it possible to treat specific pathologies. But what is a spa treatment really? Spa clients tell you that it is an exquisite moment just to treat yourself or be treated. A stay, during which one learns to press the « pause » button while being away from the stress and turmoil of modern life and ideally in an environment close to nature.

A social security approved spa treatment includes a full treatment lasting 18 to 21 days. In France, it can be prescribed by a doctor and reimbursed in part by your social security system. The beneficial effects on the body are recognized by the public health sector. During your stay you will be monitored by the medical team. A care plan is established by a prescribing doctor and consists of thermal showers, thermal and mud baths, walks, massages and drinking the thermal water.

The natural water of the Vosges

With regards to spa water, it is true to say that the land was generous with the west of the Vosges. The natural water that springs from the soil is rich in qualities appreciated since Roman antiquity. There are four spas which provide their benefits:

Bains-Les-Bains | Contrexéville | Plombières-Les-Bains |​ Vittel

Over the centuries they have become legends in the history of hydrotherapy and known throughout the world thanks to their mineral waters.

These four spa towns are built on geological points allowing the natural emergence of their waters. For hundreds of years, since the Hercynian orogeny during the Paleozoic Era and thanks to the specific rock found in the Vosges, these sources follow underground routes allowing them to be enriched with minerals. Born in the heart of the Vosges Mountains the sources are protected by waterproof layers of clay and marl and are rich in trace elements and siliceous.

Thermal care

Thanks to theses remarkable characteristics, effective care associated with the natural processes is available today. These health and well-being packages aid with pathologies related to our time such as cardiovascular diseases, rheumatisms, metabolic diseases, overweight, stress etc. Spa treatments are a privileged moment to heal and be supported by professionals. At the beginning of the stay, the spa doctor establishes a care plan which incorporates the treatments and care needed in accordance with the patient profile and pathology. Spa treatments are provided by care assistants and physiotherapists with a state registered diploma.  Treatments are alternated with pool immersions or simple thermal baths.

Land of health

The heart of the Vosges is undoubtedly a land of health with its spas that bend over backwards to bring us their benefits, way beyond the traditional spa treatment. Here, without a doubt, well-being is not an option. Everyone enjoys a mass of benefits during a short stay even if it is only an afternoon. The town folk in Lorraine are not mistaken, a mini-cure associated with a good bowl of oxygen allows one to relax and recharge their batteries. The spas in the heart of the Vosges are inventive and complement one another in order to pamper us!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the benefits of our spa.