Bains-les-Bains Spa

A spa in the heart of nature which gives you moments of relaxation and serenity...

Welcome to Bains-Les-Bains spa in the heart of southern Vosges. It is located 30 kilometres from Épinal and welcomes more than 5,000 spa clients every year. It is affiliated to the European leader of the spa chain Thermale du Soleil and it specializes in treatments relating to heart and arteries diseases as well as rheumatism.
The naturally warm waters coming from the depths of the earth are its treasure.

One spa but 11 sources

The 7 hottest sources spring up from under the ancient Roman Bath. The water temperature is between 40°C and 51°C
Four other sources are found at the site of Bain de la Promenade which is part of the actual spa centre and their temperature is between 25°C and 35 °C.

The Academy of Medicine has recognized the remarkable component constancy of the waters which benefit from a regular flow and are independent from the rainfall. These waters are referenced for their hypotensive, vasodilator and sedative effects. They are particularly recommended in helping health issues related to blood flow for example hypertension, arteritis of the lower limbs, angina pectoris, Raynaud's disease and circulatory disorders. Cardiologists also recommend these sources for patients who have had a myocardial infarction or present risk factors

With their antispasmodic sedation effect these waters are endorsed for rheumatic diseases which act on pain and muscular contractures. With their anti-inflammatory properties, these waters are renowned for their easing pain on joints such as hips, knees, shoulders etc. They are also advised in the treatment of fibromyalgia and osteoarticular trauma.

The Bains-Les-Bains spa located in the heart of a vast green domain is impressive. Its original Art Deco architecture coexists with ancient mosaics, glass pavers and structures made of concrete and steel. Its efficient installations are spread over several floors that are bright and served by a lift. A Spa area allows a la carte services with cabins dedicated to beauty care. About twenty thermal agents work in the spa, in connection with a nurse and physiotherapists providing massages and rehabilitation. The other team members consist of a dietician, a sophrologist-relaxologist and an educator who adapts physical activities as required.

Bains-Les-Bain Spa can offer a wide range of treatments with its qualified team and their skills.

  • The hydrotherapy treatments are based on baths in running water, a relaxing thermal pool, thermal water massages, strong pressure showers in the thermal swimming pool, jet showers or penetrating general showers. Counter-current walking corridors effectively stimulate venous flow in the legs.
  • Smooth sludge, a mixture of kaolin and warm thermal water, feeds the mud bath while being continuously pasteurized in order to locally applied mud cataplasms. This specific care is for hands and feet.
  • Finally, the fine gas bubbles taken from the bottom of the source are injected into the aerobat water which is used in the treatment of cardio-arterial diseases. The gas bubbles are also employed in the shower specially designed for arterial disease whose water comes from the robinet de fer (iron tap).