Discover Bains-les-Bains and its surroundings

Discover the heart of the Vôge, an area near the forests of the Vosges...

The Manufacture Royale

The Royal Manufacture in Bains-les-Bains is located on the banks of the River Côney, along the Canal de l'Est. It is one of the best preserved factories in France. All the original buildings have been preserved in the heart of a large park, where you can find an arboretum and a restored chapel, which regularly hosts nice concerts. Are you getting a déjà vu? It is probably because it was the setting for the filming of many scenes of “Indigènes” (a French film on World War 2). While you are visiting the park you can discover a remarkable beech tree which invites you to daydream.


The Moulin Gentrey

The Moulin Gentry (mill) is located near the Côney Valley along the Cailloux stream. It is between the villages of La Forge de Thunimont and Harsault. It survived time and is part of the craft heritage in the Vosges. Its flourishing activity in the last century consisted in transforming the locally grown potatoes into starch. It was then used for the production of fabrics by the textile industry in the Vosges. At the beginning of the 20th century there were more than 300 potato starch sites. A visit to the mill will take you back in time and teach you a lot about the working conditions, tools and tasks of starch workers.


The village of Fontenoy-le-Château

Fontenoy-le-Château is a village full of charm and history not far from la Vôge-les-BainsYou will find magnificent streets lined with cobblestones and old buildings everywhere in the village. The Tour des Lombards is one of the most important historical monuments of the heritage of Fontenoy-le-Château. You can also visit the Museum of embroidery, metalwork and heritage.  You will be immersed in the period of the 1850’s to the 1975’s, when the embroidery from Fontenoy was internationally renowned.This museum pays tribute to the work of thousands of women who worked to dress the international high society and the thousands of men who worked in the forges and wire works.The Canal de l’Est runs along Fontenoy-le-Château and its famous cruise ships offer the tourists a discovery of all the Côney Valley.


The Château des Brasseurs

When you leave la Vôge-les-Bains, stop at the Château des Brasseurs (the castle of the brewers) in Xertigny. Built in 1885, the inside of the castle has great, finely crafted panelling, gildings and mouldings. It has been accommodating the town hall since 1979 and is one of the 100 most beautiful town halls in France. It once belonged to the wealthy family of brewers Trivier-Champion. You can access it for a tour and have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the everyday life of this family, in the 1890’s.


Tour of the Brasserie Clandestine

Discover the story of Thomas and his Brasserie Clandestine (underground brewery). After he explained how he built his workshop, you will discover the composition and all the steps implied in the conception of traditional beer. The beers are handmade, not filtered nor pasteurised. At the end of the tour, you will be offered a beer tasting, and you will get to buy your favourite ones!

More information and booking at the Tourist Office of la Vôge-les-Bains.


Take a break in nature

From the Tourist Office of la Vôge-les-Bains, take one of our hiking trails to discover the natural site of Étang Lallemand. This 9.4 km hike will allow you to find yourself closer to nature. Good to know: the trail you take gives you the chance to discover an open-air photo exhibition, a nice and original concept! Among the pictures, you will find wildlife ones taken by Vincent Munier.

A map of the possible hikes will also be given to you at the Tourist Office of la Vôge-les-Bains. It is composed of the 11 marked trails starting from the Office. These trails offer a proximity with the green forest of the Vosges, rich in various species of beech, oak, fir, spruce and Scots pine, but also in humus, mosses, ferns and all the delicacies from the woods: blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms. The hilly countryside and the surrounding forest of Bains-les-Bains make it an ideal playground for the hiking or quiet walk enthusiasts. The peace and quality of the natural environment invite you to a complete breath of fresh air in the heart of the forest.

Other possibility: you can rent bikes at the Tourist Office of la Vôge-les-Bains or at the “bike pointsin Fontenoy-le-Château and XertignyFrom the cycle path to the surroundings of la Vôge-les-Bains or the forest paths… A range of possibilities is available to you.


Activities and events in la Vôge-les-Bains and its surroundings:

The area of la Vôge-les-Bains has many activities. Many guided tours, day trips and events were put in place for you, discover them on our Agenda.