Visit the Spa

Discover the Spa of Bains-les-Bains through guided tours.

Discovery days

Every year, the Spa of Bains-les-Bains offers “discovery days” which allow future spa-clients to visit the spa centre. These visits take place one Friday a month and the registration needs to be done early in order to have groups and visits organised in the best conditions. You can already book your next visit by calling the (+33)3 29 36 32 04 or sending an email to:

Here are the dates for the visits in 2020:

Friday, 20th of March

Friday, 17th of April

Friday, 22nd of May

Friday, 19th of June

Friday, 10th of July

Friday, 7th of August

Friday, 18th of September

Friday, 9th of October

During these discovery days, you will take part in an information session that will allow you to discover the specific features of the spa but also the different therapeutic orientations and activities that can take place during the cure. A guided visit of the spa is included as well as the possibility to discover some of the spa treatments.

Technical visits

During your cure, technical visits of the spa centre will be offered. They will allow you to discover the system of conveyance of waters, where their reservoirs are and how they are drained away. An approach, submitted by the manager of the technical service of the spa, will also allow you to discover the backstage of your cure.