Thermal cures in Bains-les-Bains

Discover the practical information and the staff who take care of you throughout your cure...

If a spa treatment has been prescribed for you at the Bains-les-Bains resort and you don’t know what to expect, rest assured that you will be in good hands! As part of the chain Thermale du Soleil, you are guaranteed to find qualified and attentive staff who will accompany you throughout your stay.

The Thermale du Soleil Chain

The Thermale du Soleil chain is the first French chain of spas. It offers its patients natural medical treatment using spring waters approved by the National Academy of Medicine and their by-products (mud and gas). Since 1947, three generations have succeeded at the head of the chain Thermale du Soleil to offer new and creative balneology maintaining a its place in the world of health.

The objectives of spa treatments are varied and consist of:

  • Improving the quality of life for the chronically ill with regards to their autonomy and comfort.
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of treatments to prevent the occurrence of seizures and thus prevent complications and limit emergency care.
  • Exchanging, informing and educating the patients on their illness, on the benefits of a balanced diet and adapted physical activity to make them actor of their own health.

Today, the Thermale du Soleil chain includes 20 spa stations including the one in Bains-les-Bains. This spa is specialized in the management of rheumatology and cardiovascular diseases.

A team at your service

The Bains-les-Bains spa offers you, throughout your stay, an experienced multidisciplinary team including thermal doctors, care agents, nurses, physiotherapists, reflexologists and instructors to adapt your physical activities. These specialists are at your service and available to answer your questions.

Prepare your cure

Practical information

In France spa treatments are covered by our National Health Insurance system if there are prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist. They have to be undertaken over an 18-day period (6 days per week, the thermal establishments being closed on Sundays). The care can relate to two joint therapeutic orientations and the chosen spa will have to be able to provide the treatments prescribed by your doctor.

We strongly advise you to wait for confirmation of your thermal reservation before booking any lodgings. A receipt for your deposit will be send by the spa which acts as confirmation of your thermal baths reservation.

Before arriving at the spa the patient should make an appointment with one of the doctor at the spa. During this consultation, the doctor will prescribe the care plan which is suited to the patient pathology. With this prescription, the patient presents themselves at the reception of the spa in order to have their personal care plan established and take care of their administrative file in order to start their cure programme.

Health Professionals

There are many health professionals at our Bains-les-Bains spa.

Doctors at the spa

In France, they are self-employed and therefore collect their fees directly from their patients. Our health care professionals provide the care which the doctor at the spa has prescribed. Nurses can intervene at any time with the patients. They also ensure the liaison between the doctor at the spa and the treatment prescribed especially if there are any particular precautions to be taken into account.

Physiotherapists with a state registered diploma

They deal with thermal water massage and rehabilitation in the thermal pool. Physical educational instructors adapt physical activities to meet the needs of the patient and supervise Nordic walking or outdoor breath-walks sessions. They also provide soft gymnastics, stretching exercises and aqua-bike in the thermal swimming pool. All of these actives are included in the special cure plans, in the short cures and with the Active Health Option.

The nutritionist

She holds conferences on balanced diets


They intervene in the context of specific cures included in our educational program of care and Active Health Option.