Thermal cures in Bains-les-Bains

Discover the practical information and the staff who take care of you during your cure...

If a spa treatment has been prescribed to you at the Spa of Bains-les-Bains and you don’t know what to expect, rest assured: you are in good hands! Since it is part of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil, you are guaranteed to find qualified and attentive staff who will accompany you during your stay.

The Chaîne Thermale du Soleil

The Chaîne Thermale du Soleil is the first French chain of spas. It offers its patients natural medical treatments using spring waters approved by the National Academy of Medicine and their by-products (mud and gas). Since 1947, three generations have succeeded at the head of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil to offer new and creative balneology, maintaining its position in the world of health.

The objectives of spa treatments are varied and consist of:

  • Improving the quality of life for the chronically ill with regards to their autonomy and comfort.
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of treatments to prevent the occurrence of seizures and thus prevent complications and limit emergency care.
  • Exchanging, informing and educating the patients on their illness, on the benefits of a balanced diet and adapted physical activity to make them actors of their own health.

Today, the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil has 20 spa centres including the one in Bains-les-Bains. This spa is specialized in the management of rheumatology and cardiovascular diseases.

A cure in rheumatology: for which pathologies?


The hyperthermal waters of Bains-les-Bains, with their rich and complex composition, are ideal for relieving joint pain. Thanks to their sedative, analgesic and relaxing effects, they are ideal for the treatment of illnesses such as osteoarthritis, degenerative rheumatism, pain syndromes (neck pain, cervical pain, sciatica), inflammatory rheumatism, abarticular rheumatism (tendonitis, bursitis), the aftermath of fractures, delays in consolidation, the after-effects of polytrauma, sprains, dislocations, orthopaedic conditions, joint stiffness.

The treatment is based on the benefits of water associated with a mechanical stimulation of peripheral joint and muscle groups, together with exercises in the mobilisation pool. Re-education in the mobilisation pool gets the spa-clients used to physical activity again and encourages amplitude of movement, mobility and consequently autonomy.


In 18 days, our spa-clients receive 4 treatments per day (72 in total) selected by our spa doctor among the following treatments:

  • Local mud bath on hands and/or feet
  • Weightless mud bath under continuous pasteurisation
  • Multiple local application of mud cataplasm
  • General jet shower
  • Local shower on hands and/or feet (called manu-pedidouche)
  • High pressure shower under immersion in a thermal pool
  • Penetrating shower
  • High pressure shower under immersion in swimming pool
  • Massage under thermal water
  • Mobilisation pool


Who can benefit from a cardio-arterial cure?

The thermal waters of Bains-les-Bains also have a hypotensive and vasodilatory action, so they are particularly indicated for the treatment of cardio-arterial diseases such as:

  • Obliterative arteriopathy of the lower limbs.
  • Follow-up of surgical treatment: endarterectomy, bypass, arterial dilatation, sympathectomy.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Vasospastic or obstructive disorders: Raynaud's disease, Raynaud's syndromes secondary to various conditions: connectivites, digital arteritis, occupational causes.
  • Coronary insufficiency: stabilised angina pectoris, sequelae of infarction.


The vasodilating properties of the thermal waters and the thermal gas, combined with a gradual resumption of activity, such as walking in counter-current water corridors, allow patients to improve their health for 6 to 9 months after the cure. Specific treatments such as the "iron tap" arterial shower (dilating the arteries under arterial stenosis cause a drop in distal pressure) promotes the development of collateral circulation. The arterial shower has a beneficial effect on extremity syndromes (Raynaud's disease, etc.).


A team at your service

During your stay, the Spa of Bains-les-Bains puts an experienced, multidisciplinary team at your disposal: spa doctors, care agents, nurses, physiotherapists, reflexologists, two beauticians, a dietician and an instructor of adapted physical activities. These experts are at your service and always available if you have a question.

Preparing my cure

Practical information

A spa cure is covered by the Health Care Insurance Fund at a minimum of 65% if it is prescribed by a general practitioner and/or specialist, and if it is given over a period of 18 days of treatment (6 days a week, since the spas are closed on Sundays). The treatment may involve two joint therapeutic orientations, and the choice of spa centre should depend solely on this criterion.

The spa reservation must be made at the same time as any accommodation reservation. The centre will confirm the reservation by sending a receipt for the deposit, guaranteeing the thermal reservation.

Before arriving at the spa centre, the patient must make an appointment with the thermal doctor of their choice. During the consultation, they will prescribe the spa treatments adapted to their case. With their prescription, the patient will then go to the Spa reception to have their personalised treatment card drawn up and their administrative file regularised. They will then be allowed to access the cures that will be prescribed to them.

Health professionals

The thermal doctors receive their fees directly from their patients. Treatment agents provide care to patients according to the prescription given by the thermal doctor. The nurses can intervene at any time with the spa-clients. They also ensure a contact with the thermal doctors in the more specific framework of particular measures. State-qualified physiotherapists provide massages under thermal water and rehabilitation in the thermal pool.

Complementary programmes

In addition to the spa treatment, the Spa of Bains-les-Bains also offers adapted treatments and targeted workshops to relieve certain specific pathologies which are often insufficiently taken care of by traditional therapies:

  • Hypertension Complementary Programme
  • Fibromyalgia Complementary Programme

We also give our clients and companions the opportunity to galvanise their cure in complete freedom with the Santé Active (Active Health) Option. This allows them to start a physical activity again, adapted to their pathology or to regulate stress in the long term.

The option is available in two versions to suit everyone's needs:

  • OSA CLASSIC: 6 sessions of treatments or activities to choose from, among packs created especially for your well-being and health.
  • OSA MINI: 3 session of treatments or activities to choose from, among packs created especially for your well-being and health.

Aquabike, aquastretching, muscular awakening, cardio-training, Nordic walking, foot reflexology, music therapy, aromatic modelling...

Because everyone's schedule is different, the Chaine Thermale du Soleil put in place several treatment programmes. So concurently to the traditional 18-day cure, other shorter (6 days), true “mass of spa” programmes are offered:

  • Mini Cure SUR MESURE (on demand)
  • Mini Cure MAL DE DOS (back pain)
  • Mini Cure ANTI-STRESS 100% VOSGES

During their stay, the spa-clients benefit from 4 thermal treatments per day, prescribed by the thermal doctor according to their pathologies. These are a more practical format of treatment, especially when leaving for 3 weeks is not an option. These cures are beneficial too and meet the expectations of a younger population concerned with preserving their health capital.

You can also complete your cure through physical or aquatic activities that are supervised by a sports coach, in a friendly atmosphere.

In the afternoons, the Spa welcomes you for a programme of tonic or relaxing activities:

The Fitness Area

In this beautiful, bright 60 m² space, our sports instructor leads physical activity sessions

These activities are available in the Santé Active Option.

The Thermal Spa

Cosy and well-decorated spaces. Here you can pamper yourself with top-of-the-range facilities:

  • 1 hydromassage bed cabin
  • 2 Cabins for body treatments and modelling by Decléor
  • 1 hydromassage thermal bath with chromotherapy
  • The possibility to access the relaxation pool with free access as part of our "Spa" packages.

Our beauticians also offer "body beauty", "beauty packs", "facial beauty" and modelling treatments.