The Roland Naudin Base

Experience in group an educational project around water, earth and air at the lake of Bouzey

You are a group, a company, an association, a school, a nursery, extracurricular activities, people in rehabilitation... The Roland Naudin base located in Chaumousey allows you to experience a sporting activity together, a nature outing, or to discover the heritage and the site of Bouzey.

This water sports centre is only open to groups by reservation. It is managed by the Communauté d'Agglomération d'Epinal. It is an opportunity to experience moments of discovery, challenge and fun !

Activities on land, in water & in the air

The Roland Naudin water sports centre offers a wide range of activities to have fun in or with water. Try your hand at sailing, get on a canoe or kayak and balance on a paddle! All challenges are possible! If you prefer to stay out of the water, opt for the fishing activity and discover the different fish that live in the lake of Bouzey.

Eight qualified sports instructors accompany the groups, offering them activities according to their wishes and their educational project. Build discovery trips with them.

On land, it will be possible to do orienteering, mountain biking or beach volleyball. Meet with an educator to set up your most suitable project. And if you want more aerial activities, the Roland Naudin base can offer you the opportunity to create kites, windmills or windmills. There is no shortage of ideas for educational activities !

Nature activities linked to an educational project

The Roland Naudin base is also home to numerous activities related to nature and the environment.  Its educational gardens will give you a better understanding of the local fauna, flora and aquatic microfauna. An outing to the pond of the Comtesse can also be proposed to discover the peat bog and its specific vegetation. And why not take part in the riverbank clean-up to learn more about our environment and preserve it ?

The base can be adapted to different educational projects. Do not hesitate to contact it. The educators will also be able to explain the heritage and history of the Bouzey site, the dyke, the reservoir, the abbey, the first settlements... You will come back conquered by these experiences adapted to your request, by their advice, coordination, welcome and animations.