Water sports activities

Epinal is a vast water territory, which offers visitors a multitude of water sports activities, but also the possibility of contemplating rivers, lakes and ponds, on the occasion of beautiful walks. Whether you like fishing, swimming or thrills, you can choose between an escape into nature or a playground for aquatic adventures, before relaxing, of course, by the water!

Whitewater or Wam Park, anything goes

With numerous bathing sites and an impressive range of water sports, the Epinal area is the water capital of Lorraine.

In the heart of the town, the Port of Epinal has been home to the brand new Base Natur'O since the summer of 2022, a water sports area that offers water courses to tourists, visitors and sportsmen.

A few kilometres away, the Wam Park in Thaon-les-Vosges invites you to practice water sports on the Domaine des Lacs (water skiing, wakeboarding, inflatable games, stand up paddle,...), but also to laze around on a perfectly equipped sand beach.

Fishermen also enjoy a varied offer, from lakes to river fishing, in ponds or in the Canal des Vosges.

Water is also the pleasure of sailing. Why not take advantage of a sailboat or pedal boat trip on the Bouzey lake?

At the end of the day, relax on the banks of the Canal des Vosges and the Moselle, or on the beaches of the lakes, contemplating the sunset.

Listen to nature... Frogs, birds, insects and splashing water sing in unison. Isn't this a good place to be? In Epinal, in the heart of the Vosges...


Did you know that? The Moselle, which flows through Epinal, rises in the Vosges mountains at the Bussang Pass and flows into the Rhine at Koblenz in Germany. Its total length is 560 kilometres, of which 314 kilometres are in France. The ancient name Mosela or Mosella is said to be composed of the pre-Celtic Mosa and the Latin diminutive -ella, thus meaning "the little Meuse".

Several great champions, originally from Epinal, excel today in these nautical activities. Among them, Louis Lapointe, 15 times gold medallist at the World Championships in downhill canoeing, alone or in a team, born in Epinal and having started at the Gérardmer water sports centre. Or Gauthier Klauss and Matthieu Péché, 6 times world champions in slalom canoe-kayak, who were also born in Epinal and started out at the GESN water sports base. But also Michel Saidi, world champion in two-seater canoeing with Jérôme Daval.

Natur'O Vive, Epinal's brand new white water stadium, welcomes water lovers of all ages and levels who will be able to have a great time with a multitude of white water activities.