The Domaine des Lacs

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts will be delighted to meet at the Domaine des Lacs.

The Domaine des Lacs is an ideal natural area for a break. Located in Thaon-les-Vosges, it is a former gravel quarry redeveloped by the municipality. Today the place is a vast preserved natural space where sport, relaxation and fun are combined and where all generations meet. Young and old alike will be able to find something to do among the many activities on offer.

This site of small lakes and ponds is a remarkable natural environment, which highlights its flora and fauna. One of these bodies of water has been developed for water activities. The site is divided into 3 areas: the sandy beach, the inflatables and the Wam Park. The fine sandy beach welcomes visitors who wish to swim or sunbathe. For those wishing to extend the day, there is an area with picnic tables. The clear water invites you to swim a few lengths under the sun.

The "Arena of Laughter" offers inflatable structures and a pedal go-kart circuit to entertain your children and take them on an adventure. And for thrill seekers, the Wam Park offers ski lifts, wakeboarding, water skiing and paddle boarding. A bar area with a terrace and parasols is also available for everyone to take a break.

Don't hesitate to take the 2.2km walk around the lake to stretch your legs.

Others may prefer to venture out to the estate's ponds, where fishing is available.

Whether you like water sports, fishing or relaxing, Domaine des Lacs is the place to be for a perfect day out.