Along the water… discover freshwater fishing in a preserved natural setting. The territory of Epinal offers its fishermen a little corner of paradise.

99% of the waters that cross the Vosges are born in this department. Fishing in the Vosges is practiced on 400 ha of water bodies, 4,000 km of 1st and 2nd category rivers and 80 km of the Vosges canal.

The fish of the white and dormant waters of this vast territory are waiting for you! Lovers of fishing, beginners or experienced, come and try your line to the Vosges catches, which will resist you with vivacity. Calm and silent, you wait patiently for the right moment to raise the fishing rod… will the trout or the catfish be there? This privileged moment in the open air, in communion with the fauna and the flora is a beautiful experience to live.

On the banks of a shady lake, in the river, from your boat or near your camper, you will find fishing spots to your liking.

A 100% nature trip

Fishing in the Vosges is an activity full of energy and vitality. White water and lakes await your hooks. It is also a privileged moment of calm, in symbiosis with nature. This fishing trip promises well-being, relaxation and wonder at any moment.

Experience a nature activity in the heart of the Vosges. The feet at the edge of the water, you will benefit from aquatic relaxing landscapes. The reflection of the trees in the water, the pond glistening in the sunlight, the moorhen waving on the lake, so many wonders to discover! Schools of small fish make their way through the reeds, while the trout are busy swimming upstream.

Beginning fishing is possible!

There is no age limit to try fishing! Setting up a fishing rod, attaching a lure, casting the line, turning the crank and finally reeling in a beautiful fish, is within the reach of everyone... with the help of a coach or good advice.

The network of associations in the Vosges offers fishing initiations. Do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office of Epinal for more information.

Enthusiasts and beginners alike will find fish in their line !

In short, fishing in the Vosges gives you energy!   !😊