The film “Marvin”

"Marvin ou la Belle Education" is a French drama co-written and directed by Anne Fontaine, which was released on our screens in the course of 2017. This is a loose adaptation of the successful novel "En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule” by Edward Louis.

This film is about the life of Martin Clément, born Marvin Bijou, who fled his family and his native Vosges because of his intransigent and alcoholic father and the renunciation and intolerance of his mother mixed with the rejection of his relatives. It is also the story of a helping hand, that of Madeleine Clément, headmistress in Marvin’s secondary school, who allowed him to discover theatre. As a sign of gratitude he later took her surname. One thing led to another and meeting after meeting, Marvin became Martin and took all the possible risks to complete his show, which went far beyond success and completed his transformation.

The decision of filming in the Vosges was made by Greogory Gabedois who had already performed at the theatre “Thêatre du Peuple” in Bussang. Anne Fontaine asked where the film should be done and he replied without hesitation and with a subtle accent: “In the Voooosges”. A choice that the director did not regret since she even admitted to “love the poetry and beauty of the county that is in contrast to the subject of the film”.