The series “Aux animaux de la Guerre”

"Aux animaux de la guerre" is a series adapted from the eponymous book whose author Nicolas Mathieu appears alongside Alain Tasma. It appeared on our screen in early 2018.

This series tells the story of Rita, a work inspector and champion for lost causes, who is responsible for finding an agreement to close a factory located in the Vosges. From this situation, she only saves a few employees out of the hundred that originally worked for the company. One evening, in the headlights of her car she see a girl running half-naked, in the throes of Martel and Bruce, two ex-workers.

Filmed in 2017, "Aux animaux de la Guerre" takes place in various towns in the Vosges, including Épinal, Gérardmer and Granges-Sur-Vologne. "It was important to film in the region Grand Est, which is a character in itself. It has a rough geography where the survival instinct prevails. There is a strange, even surreal atmosphere here with these immense coniferous forests”, says producer Philippe Dulest.

Many people from the Vosges lent themselves to the game of being an extra and became students or shopkeepers, etc. At the same time they made buildings, sites and objects available responding to the needs of the film such as bourgeois flags, council flats, etc. This enabled the film crew to create the atmosphere necessary for the film.